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  1. So sweet Terry. I believe that they visit us at times when we don’t expect it.
    On Thanksgiving Amy was telling a story about her oldest, my grandson Gar. At 5 years old he had been asking her about what happens when you die, so she was telling him about heaven. He has always been a very sensitive child so he got very nervous and he asked her how will he know where to go when he gets there? He said he won’t know what to do. At that point of the story I stepped up and said to him that I promised that I would be there waiting for him. He jumped up and ran over to me and gave me a most beautiful hug and said, “Awww, thank you Grandma!” Even though he’s 25 now I could see that that gave him such comfort even now. ❤️

    • I think you gave him a very natural and perfect answer. His reaction just confirms it! Grandkids are so special. Elsie’s appearance caught me off guard because it felt so real and natural. Deb has seen her in her dreams and we both see her exactly the same way, same hair, same face, same departure – a little happy dance. Our daughter Kim thinks about her niece often and told me she can’t wait to finally meet her! Me too! It’s interesting the different ways each of us integrates grief into our lives as we go on. Thanks so much for your comments!