You’ll find on this site a compendium of my ideas and observations about everything from family and faith to business and politics; and life experiences with my hobbies, travels and special activities.

I also wanted to create a fun place where readers could learn more about subjects where I have experience and knowledge that they may find helpful and useful.

Eventually I expect to have my posts categorized and displayed on separate pages to make it easier for readers to find specific subjects. The most current posts will appear at the tops of these pages.

I created this personal website and journal to give myself a voice for my family and friends. I’m usually reserved by nature, and tend to be a private person as far as opinions and thoughts go. I find it easier to write than converse, because when I write I can take the time to think through what I want to say; and I’m not real “fast on my feet” when it comes to conversation. For those reasons, I believe this blog is a better medium for sharing my thoughts.

Although I admit to being reserved, I still want readers to know more about me, my values, my opinions, my activities, and my thoughts, dreams, and goals for myself and my family. I particularly want my children and grandchildren to know more about their Dad and Pop-Pop than just what they see.

Feel free to add your impressions to any of the posts where comments are permitted; but be aware that all comments are moderated and either approved or trashed, so please keep them clean, supportive, helpful, and constructive. Make sure they contribute to and don’t detract from the conversation.

Welcome to the conversation! – Pops

PS: You may wonder about the primary colors I chose for my blog; they happen to be Pullman Green and Omaha Orange, the colors used by my favorite railroad, the Great Northern, on their featured passenger train, the Empire Builder from the 1950s.