Getting Started with Model Railroading

If you ask ten model railroaders how they approached creating their model railroad, you’ll get ten different answers. I can pretty much guarantee my approach is different than theirs. My intent with this blog is to share my personal approach to creating my railroad, the Arcadia Creek and Woodbury Railway.

My instinctive approach to anything is “strategic planner”. I prefer to think through and plan my activities to help keep my actions focused and, particularly in the case of model railroading, my budget in check! My best advice is an old but true adage: plan your work, then work your plan! The steps I used in the creation of my railroad will be covered starting with the Deep Dive Approach page, the link is below.

But, if you’re new to the hobby and would like to explore it without getting too deeply involved, consider the Quick Start Approach.

If you feel ready to take the plunge, go for the Deep Dive Approach.

I’ve also found that these Guiding Principles help keep me focused on enjoying the hobby. You may need to come up with some of your own, or you can forge ahead without them; they just help keep me on track!

You might also check out my thoughts on T-Trak, Kato Unitrack, Planning, Wiring, and other topics here.

Above all, have fun!