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  1. Terry, I am so sorry you lost your friend. BTW John Denvers music was a favorite of mine! I so love your posts and the depth they go in analyzing life! I am also a deep thinking soul. I have always taken in the world and people around me. I am an observer, as a way to listen and learn. Sometimes I wish I could be more outgoing and crazy, and have on occasion. 😄. I feel we are two of a kind, although you have a skill of putting it all to paper! I think of and care for you regularly and hope you know that! God bless you my friend!

    • Teri, your comments always warm my heart. I know that you think of and care for me, and I feel it; I guess we have an amazing connection. That you express it is exactly what helps me know I’m making that difference, and should assure you that you, too, are making a difference in my life. I’m glad you are a little crazy from time to time, I’m not at all. But this late in my life I guess I’ve become a little gutsy when it comes to unexpected opportunities! (OMG, STEVE WEISBERG, hold on, just chill, he’s just a person like anyone else…I did have to talk myself down to avoid celebrity aura jibberish at first!) But he really proved to be just an ordinary guy who got to live an extraordinary experience!