20141028 – An Eating Plan Update

Recalling my post back in April about our little project to become healthier I thought it might be time for an update.

We pretty much did what we said we would do. We stopped the phased eating over each week. We added a few banned substances back into our plan. We ate off plan including restaurant and fast food a couple of times a week. We didn’t exercise much. The results, to say the least, were interesting.

On the plus side:

  • I maintained my weight within about three pounds of my interim goal.
  • My cholesterol and triglycerides remained in the normal range.
  • My blood chemistry, enzymes, and hormones remained within the normal range.
  • My blood sugar climbed back slightly above normal most mornings, but my A1C dropped slightly.

Pretty much all the other benefits remained, except for one nasty little negative:

My heart irregularities returned, and got worse with the addition of atrial fibrillation to my list of arrhythmia problems. Fortunately I only had two major episodes and one extremely brief one. I can’t say for sure that this resulted from failure to follow the eating plan, but it is suspiciously coincidental.

We’ve decided to return to the plan for the next four weeks or longer because we’re ready to head for that next interim weight loss goal, and to see if my heart issues will once again subside or disappear. Meanwhile, we heartily recommend you give the Fast Metabolism eating plan a try (see the Resources section in the sidebar). It worked for us and has made a sustainable difference in our lives. We hope it works for you.

Heading for that next health and weight loss goal…Pops

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