20140513 – Belated Mother’s Day Thoughts

Women in general and mothers in particular are amazing, at least to me. I mean, you pretty much have to be don’t you, to even put up with us jerks, uh, guys, much less coexist in an actual relationship with us? On the other hand, I guess they could be saying about themselves what I say about guys, it all just depends on your perspective. But, I digress; after all, the day was about mothers and the ones I’ve had a close association with are all pretty awesome.

My Mom managed to raise four kids (well, Dad did help I suppose) to adulthood without killing us, although I’m sure she threatened to under her breath on occasion; and worked part time, and volunteered. When I think back on her life I realize that she rarely did anything for herself, she was mostly doing for others.

And then there’s my Mother-in-Law who despite nearing age 90 and being stuck in an assisted living apartment still tries to find ways to take care of us, and her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren.

Our daughter does an amazing job of raising two toddlers, one with some health challenges, while still managing children’s ministries at her church, singing occasionally in the praise band, and tackling untold other projects and activities, often singlehandedly while her husband travels for business.

Of course I have to talk about my Daughter-in-Law, who constantly works for others; who lovingly cares for her husband, family, and friends; who travels far and wide to provide the help and comfort they need; and who, one day, will herself be an awesome Mom.

But the neatest Mom I know is the one who, after bearing and raising to adulthood two wonderful and remarkable children, finds herself working full time, writing to grandchildren, planning activities and events, taking care of her own Mom, serving as counselor and confidante to close family friends, and taking care every day of her big kid of a husband, yeah, me. And she even feels bad because sometimes I cook a meal or do some laundry or clean the kitchen and she wasn’t there to do it herself.

Sorry if I sound like I’m stereotyping women and mothers, but in the context of today’s pondering it’s just the way I’m seeing things. And these women really stand out in my mind, quite likely because I get to see them in action, up close, every day.

All of these women make me feel kind of selfish, unintentionally I know, but still…compared to the caring, and compassion, and selfless giving I see and experience from them every day…well, it’s very humbling. I, and my children and grandchildren are very blessed to have these women in our lives.

As I watch the young mothers I know step up and become pretty cool and fantastic Moms, I rest assured that our future generations are in good hands, the best of hands, and take some comfort in knowing that while these mothers are on stage right now, there are some pretty nifty Dads hanging out in the wings…

Thanks Mom(s)! With Respect, Gratitude and Love…Me

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