20141026 – Of Friendships and Happiness, or Mom and Dad Did It!

Friendships born of shared experiences can ebb and flow, but they often last a lifetime. Formed and nurtured around the campfire; refreshed as growing families; and shared in musings and memories under starlit skies behind a tractor on an old hay wagon; they live on and warm the heart. And it was all because our parents thought it might be fun to get several families together for a weekend at the beach when they themselves were just in their early thirties. Yes, Mom and Dad, the First Generation, did it! Continue reading

20140603 – Attitudes and Choices

I guess getting back to writing has not been as easy as I thought it would be. Still so many distractions that make it hard to concentrate and do any serious pondering.

Life, whether you live it inside or outside the sandwich generation, can be overwhelming sometimes, or often, when you have a large to-do list. I’ve talked before about simplifying things around here, and, while we’re making progress, we’re still a long way from living the simple life. I guess simplifying things is, well, complicated! Continue reading

20140513 – Belated Mother’s Day Thoughts

Women in general and mothers in particular are amazing, at least to me. I mean, you pretty much have to be don’t you, to even put up with us jerks, uh, guys, much less coexist in an actual relationship with us? On the other hand, I guess they could be saying about themselves what I say about guys, it all just depends on your perspective. But, I digress; after all, the day was about mothers and the ones I’ve had a close association with are all pretty awesome. Continue reading

20140324 – A Busy Month, a Brief Sabbatical

You know that feeling when sometimes life and work just get away from you? I think it’s been that kind of a month for me. Redecorating a bathroom, publishing a white paper, plotting marketing strategy, shuffling blogs between web hosts…it seems like all have conspired to keep me from my commitment to writing at least one post each week on Tuesdays. And I miss it, the regular writing that is. I’ll see if I can get that straightened out in the not-too-distant future. Continue reading