20161111 – Being a Vet…After the Vote

Being a Vet on Veterans’ Day is a humbling and emotional experience. To hear the expressions of thanks and appreciation while at the same time remembering those neighbors, those friends, those high school classmates who gave everything without ever hearing those thank-yous makes it a happy but hard day for those of us who served on the front lines or in supporting roles. Continue reading

20160820 – Wee Small Hours

Sometimes, in the deepest, darkest part of a long night, when the whole house is silent but for the breathing of Hunter, the big furry member of the clan, and the problems of the world are weighing heavy on your shoulders, (or the antihistamine you took a while ago is keeping you awake), something happens to bring clarity to your pondering and resolution to your frustration. Continue reading

20160720 – A Long Absence

After breakfasting with my railroading buddies Tuesday I was contemplating all the work on my task list, mostly related to prepping the house for a visit from our daughter and the grandkids later this week. My pondering shifted to my business and how my business plan will be changing as I move into “retirement”, and do more business writing. And then I thought about this blog.  Continue reading

20141230 – New Year, New Goals?

I don’t know if I can lose 75 pounds, but I do know I can weigh less at the end of the year than I do now. I don’t know if I can exercise 150 minutes a week, but I do know I can exercise more than I do now. I don’t know if I can maintain a paleo diet for the year, but I do know I can eat more wisely this year.  I don’t know if I can close $50,000 in new business this year, but I do know I can close more business than last year. I don’t know if I can sing in the choir for the whole year, but I do know I can sing in the choir now. Those were last year’s goals. Continue reading

20141202 – Still Giving Thanks

Last week I shared the first couple of days of our vacation in Alabama with my daughter’s family. Well, it just kept getting better. Full sized trains at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum on Wednesday and family at home day on Thanksgiving Thursday of course with a meal that could have served us three times over (kudos to the ladies who worked so hard to prepare the turkey and all, and I do mean ALL of the trimmings from casseroles to desserts); I know I felt more stuffed than that turkey did. Continue reading

20141126 – Joy Unleashed

(Note: this post was written last Tuesday and Wednesday during a Thanksgiving Week visit with our family in Alabama).

Monday we arrived. After one and a half days of driving more than seven hundred fifty miles in steady rain, wind, road construction and finally a little sunlight, and putting up with a major power outage that left our hotel in the dark for the forty five minutes leading up to the mid-trip continuation of driving drudgery, we arrived, Continue reading

20141118 – A Gift of Time

Have you received a gift of time recently? Have you given one?

I received one this morning when my Tuesdays with Terry buddies showed up at our regular meeting spot despite long drives through blowing snow, cold weather, and wind chills sufficient to close every school in the area including the colleges (they NEVER close). In fact they had just about written me off because a clogging snow blower cost me a lot of time in getting the driveway cleared before I could join them. But the weather didn’t matter, they were there. Continue reading